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The City of Rancho Cucamonga emerged from grazing land established by the old Spanish Mission San Gabriel. In 1839, the 13,045-acre (52.79 km2) rancho was granted by the Mexican governor of California to Tiburcio Tapia, a wealthy Los Angeles merchant. Tapia transferred his cattle to Cucamonga and built a fort-like adobe house on Red Hill. In the course of the Rancho’s long history, the ownership changed hands many times over. In 1882, 8,000 acres of the Rancho land was acquired by George Chaffey who established an irrigation colony and named it Ontario after his homeland of Ontario, Canada. The irrigation colony was later incorporated into a city in 1891. The northern part of the colony became the city of Upland which was incorporated in 1906. Finally, in 1977 three unincorporated communities which had emerged on the old ranch lands — Alta Loma, Cucamonga and Etiwanda— became the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

Rancho Cucamonga is nestled at the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains about an hour southeast of Los Angeles. In 1981, the city drew up a General Plan and the concept of “City with a Plan” became the cornerstone for the city’s development blueprint. This ensured that in the face of unprecedented growth, Rancho Cucamonga would remain a unique and balanced community. It concentrated on public safety, development balanced with sustainability and a good quality of life. Public and private partnerships were created to help build a stable community, an example of which is the Terra Vista and Victoria community. The major hub for culture and shopping is the Victoria Gardens Lifestyle Center, a pedestrian oriented, open-air and mixed-use town center. It consists of residential areas, office space, retail stores, public plazas, a movie theater, and a civic cultural arts center called the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center. In 2006, the city was ranked 42nd by Money magazine on its “Best Places to Live” list.

Rancho Cucamonga dryer vent cleaning

With the city offering a lot, we are likewise happy to offer Rancho Cucamonga dryer vent cleaning to its residents. We guarantee fast, efficient and expert service because dryer vent is ALL we do. Why is this an advantage? We will not try to upsell you on any services we say you may need. Unlike other companies which also repair washing machines or service air conditioners who will try to also sell you these services once they get into your home, for instance, we only concentrate in providing dryer vent cleaning. What we quote is what you pay for. 

People often ask how often they should have their dryer vent cleaned. The standard would be once a year because this is what the NFSA recommends. However, how often you do it would still depend on other factors such as:

  • How many people use the dryer?

  • If there are pets that shed hair

  • If your dryer vent is long and/or has several turns in it.

  • If your dryer vent exit point is on the roof or/and most of the vent length is in vertical position.

If you notice that it takes longer and longer to dry your clothes, or if the clothes come out unusually hot or perhaps even damp, with a musty odor, or if you notice that the airflow in the vent seem low, then it is time to clean your vent. The most telling sign that your dryer vent needs servicing is if there is no lint on the lint screen. This usually indicates that the exhaust system is clogged.

And when you decide to do it, it is best not to put it off for too long. A lint clogged dryer vent will make your unit work harder and this puts enormous stress on your appliance. This shortens the life of your dryer and its parts. A clogged dryer vent also restricts airflow reducing your unit’s ability to exhaust heat and moisture. This can significantly increase your drying times. The longer you operate your dryer, the more energy it consumes and you end up with a headache when the electricity bill comes. A clogged dryer vent will also cause an enormous amount of dust and particles to escape into your living space. And this spells trouble for those with respiratory problems and allergies. The most convincing reason to have your dryer vent cleaned? Consider this - each year, more than 15,000 fires are caused by dryers. The reason? Lint clogged dryer vents. All the elements of a perfect fire are already there - extreme heat, some oxygen and highly combustible fuel (lint). As a retired firefighter, I have seen a lot of these tragedies - tragedies that could have been prevented.

So if you need a Rancho Cucamonga dryer vent cleaning, call us now to schedule an appointment.

Call Us Now To Schedule An Appointment

Open Mon-Sun  8AM to 6PM