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The city of Ontario got its name from the settlement established in 1882 by the Chaffey brothers George, William and Charles. The settlement was named Ontario Model Colony, which was in turn named after the Chaffeys’ home province of Ontario, Canada. The original settlement included both Ontario, as well as the area now known as Upland. The city of Ontario was incorporated in 1891 and later on in 1906, the northern part broke off into Upland. Part of the Inland Empire and located just 35 miles east of Los Angeles, Ontario is a city the San Bernardino County. It’s the fourth most populous city in the county following San Bernardino, Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga. It is home to the LA/Ontario International Airport, the 15th busiest airport in the US, cargo-wise. One of Inland Empire primary tourist attraction, the Ontario Mills is located in Ontario.

Ontario has many traditions including the All-States Picnic, began in 1939 and held every Independence day to recognize the varied origins of the city’s residents. Another tradition was established in 1959 and done every Christmas season. Nativity scenes are set up on the median of Euclid Avenue. In 1998, this tradition was challenged and was deemed a violation of church-state separation. However, this is kept alive to this day when private organizations stepped in. “Christmas on Euclid”, a craft fair was created by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to support the nativity scenes. Another annual event that attracts over 10,000 Inland Empire residents is the “Pancake Breakfast and Car Show” held every first Saturday of June. The tradition has been ongoing for more than 50 years.

Ontario Dryer Vent Cleaning

Attractions and traditions aside, we love coming to the city of Ontario to offer its residents quality dryer vent cleaning. We guarantee fast, efficient and expert service because Ontario dryer vent cleaning is ALL we do. Why is this important? Because of this, we will not upsell you on any other services we say you need. Companies that also repair washing machines or service air conditioners, as an example, will try to sell you on these services once they get into your home. Because dryer vent cleaning is all we do, what we quote is what you pay for.

And why is it important to have a well maintained dryer vent? Let me give you these important reasons:

  • A lint clogged dryer vent make your dryer work harder and puts a lot of stress on your appliance. This could lead to frequent breakdowns and will reduce the life for your dryer and its parts. 

  • A clogged vent restricts airflow and your dryer’s ability to exhaust heat and moisture. What does this mean? This significantly increases your drying times. The dryer is one of the most expensive appliance to operate in the house and the longer you use it, the higher is the energy consumption.

  • A poorly maintained dryer vent will cause an enormous amount of dust and particles to escape into your home. This could lead to serious respiratory problems and allergies.

  • Speaking of allergies, damaged or disconnected dryer vents due to heavy lint accumulation can cause the moisture from the clothes to be vented into the living space, crawl space or attic depending on the location of your dryer duct. Though your dryer may appear to be working normally, there might be moisture build up which in turn can cause molds to develop dangerously in your home.

  • Probably the most important reason of all - clogged dryer vents can cause fire. The ingredients for a fire are certainly already present : extreme heat, some oxygen and highly combustible fuel, in this case lint. Did you know that annually, more than 15,000 fires are caused by poorly maintained dryer vents? The sad thing is they could have been prevented by a process that takes just an hour and does not really cost a lot.

How do you know that your dryer vent needs cleaning? Definitely, if it has been a year since the last servicing, then it is time to call for another one. Another telltale sign is if it’s taking longer and longer to dry clothes. This is specially noticeable for heavies like jeans or towels. If after a cycle, the clothes feel unusually hot or maybe, are even still damp or have a musty smell, a clogged dryer vent would often be the culprit. Watch out too if there is no lint on the lint screen. This usually indicates the exhaust system is clogged. 

If you’ve been noticing these symptoms, it is time to have your dryer vent cleaned. Call us now to schedule an appointment for an Ontario dryer vent cleaning.

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