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Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning offers the best lake elsinore dryer vent cleaning.Just at the west side of the Riverside County, Lake Elsinore it is on the shore of the lake with the same name - Lake Elsinore, a natural freshwater lake about 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) in size. The city has grown from a small resort town in the late 19th century and early 20th century to a population of 51,821 at the 2010 census. It was established in 1888, it is the second oldest city in the Riverside county. Did you know that it celebrated its 127th anniversary as a city April 9, 2015?

This city leaves us mesmerized on our daily trip for our usual dryer vent cleaning to visit several customers. If you are in need of Lake Elsinore dryer vent cleaning, we have a regular cleaning schedule to this city by the lake.

FACT: According to FEMA, every year over 15,000 structure fires are attributed to clothes dryers. The leading cause: Failure to clean. Lint located within just two inches of your dryer’s heater intake can ignite placing you and your family in the danger zone. 
Quite a sobering statistic isn’t it? 


We guarantee fast, efficient and expert service because Ontario dryer vent cleaning is ALL we do. Why is this important? Because of this, we will not upsell you on any other services we say you need. Companies that also repair washing machines or service air conditioners, as an example, will try to sell you on these services once they get into your home. Because dryer vent cleaning is all we do, what we quote is what you pay for.

And why is it important to have a well maintained dryer vent? Let me give you these important reasons:

1. A lint clogged dryer vent make your dryer work harder and puts a lot of stress on your appliance. This could lead to frequent breakdowns and will reduce the life for your dryer and its parts. 

2. A clogged vent restricts airflow and your dryer’s ability to exhaust heat and moisture. What does this mean? This significantly increases your drying times. The dryer is one of the most expensive appliance to operate in the house and the longer you use, the higher is the energy consumption.

3. A poorly maintained dryer vent will cause an enormous amount of dust and particles to escape into your home. This could lead to serious respiratory problems and allergies.

4. Speaking of allergies, damaged or disconnected dryer vents due to heavy lint accumulation can cause the moisture from the clothes to be vented into the living space, crawl space or attic depending on the location of your dryer duct. Though your dryer may appear to be working normally, there might be moisture build up which in turn can cause molds to develop dangerously in your home.

However the hazard can be greatly minimized if you are mindful of the signs that your clothes dryer vent may already need cleaning. These are the things to watch out for:

  • Clothes that take a long time to dry. It is most noticeable for a load of towels or jeans

  • Clothes feel hotter than usual at the end of the cycle

  • Flapper on vent hood does not open when dryer is on

  • Clothes dryer itself is hot to the touch on the outside of the unit

  • The dryer shuts off before the cycle is completed. This is actually a safety mechanism which makes the dryer shut off if it exceeds the safe temperature.

In addition to these, the National Fire Protection Associaltion (NFPA) recommends that all clothing dryer vents be cleaned and inspected once a year. So, if it has been a year, it is definitely time to call for a Lake Elsinore dryer vent cleaning.

If you feel that your dryer vent is already in need of cleaning, we accept regular maintenance jobs to clean dryer duct in Riverside, so you need not worry on not finding any available dryer vent cleaning technician in the area. Call us for a Lake Elsinore dryer vent cleaning job. And if you find our services exceptional, you can also recommend us to your friends and families.

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