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Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning offers the best calimesa dryer vent cleaning.When we come to do Calimesa dryer vent cleaning, we are coming to a very new city, incorporated less than 20 years ago. Historically, Calimesa began as a small rural town with mostly single-family homes and ranches. With completion of U.S. Route 99 (modern day I-10 freeway), businesses opened and Calimesa began to carve out a separate identity from the larger neighboring town of Yucaipa.

 In June 1929 nearly 100 residents attended a meeting and decided to apply for their own post office and to state a “name contest” in which the winner was paid $10. Calimesa was chosen from 107 names submitted; and is said to come from “cali” (meaning California) and “mesa” from the Spanish word meaning “table" or table-lands.” The first post office was the grocery store at Calimesa Boulevard and Avenue "K".

Dryer vent cleaning is all we do and this is our expertise. We will come into your home, assess your dryer duct system and recommend the correct type of dryer vent cleaning that is best suited for it. What we quote is what you will pay for. We will not try to convince you to avail of any other services that you may not really need.

Calimesa Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you notice your dryer taking longer to dry a load of clothes, especially towels or jeans? Or does a load not dry completely and when it does, there’s a musty smell that lingers in your clothes? More alarming, do you sometimes notice a burnt smell while operating your appliance?

If you answered yes to many of these, maybe it is time to have your dryer vent cleaned. Doing regular cleaning of vents on your dryer unit would mean less stress on your appliance. This means less wear on its parts and you may even avoid costly repairs.

Cleaning of dryer vents would also dramatically reduce the energy consumption of your unit. A lint clogged vent restricts airflow and your dryer’s ability to exhaust heat and moisture. This can significantly increase your drying times. At $2-$3 a cycle, your dryer is one of the most expensive appliances in your home to operate. Proper airflow is critical to efficient operation and eliminating unnecessary energy costs. One customer reported significantly lower energy bills after the service was completed.

And if you’re still not convinced of the benefits of dryer cleaning, consider this - 15,000 structure fires are attributed to clothes dryers. The leading cause: Failure to clean. Lint located within just two inches of your dryer’s heater intake can ignite placing you and your family in the danger zone.

Scary thought, isn’t it? But it need not be. With our powerful cleaning equipment, dryer vent cleaning do not require a long down time. It only takes an hour to a clean and safe dryer vent. Call us today to schedule an appointment for Calimesa Dryer Vent Cleaning.

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