6 Tips To Clean and Organize Your Laundry Room

Organizing your laundry room may seem like a simple task, until you start doing it that is. We all tend to underestimate the amount of time home organization takes. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of 6 tips to clean and organize your laundry room. You’ll have a magazine-worthy space in no time.

Not only does an organized space look nice, but keeping things in order ensures the safety and efficiency of your home. This is especially true in the laundry room where there is a higher chance of fire or water damage if it isn’t properly cared for.

So what are we waiting for?  Here are our 6 tips to easily clean and organize your laundry room.

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #1: Throw Away All Trash

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Clothing tags, dryer sheets, notes in pockets, drying lint...the laundry can be a bit of a mess. Our first laundry room organizational tip is to have a trash can that can accommodate the usual amount of garbage you produce doing laundry.

While this seems like an obvious tip, it is surprisingly easy to overlook. It’s certainly possible to take your trash to a bin in another room, but let’s face it, how many times have you just set trash aside when there wasn’t a convenient place to dispose of it?  Keeping a trash can nearby will keep the room tidy while you focus on the laundry.

Keep in mind that it’s not only the regular trash you’ll need to throw, but larger pieces such as broken hangers and empty bottles as well. It’s best to dispose of these before they sit, you forget, and they take up space.

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #2: Maximize All Available Spaces

organize your laundry room, clean up laundry room, laundry room organization tips

Your laundry room needs as much storage space as other areas of your home. Since there are a lot of laundry products and laundry rooms tend not to be big, you’ll likely need to maximize the available space in your laundry room or area.

Using your wall space for storage is one of the best ways to provide storage while keeping a sufficient amount of work space. You can use hooks, wire storage racks, cabinets, or whatever else suits your personal style.

Unused wall space is the perfect place for a pull-down drying rack. Wall racks can be folded up and put away when not in use, leaving even more space for movement.

Even the space on your door could be maximized through the use of storage solutions like shoe organizers and hooks.

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #3: Group Items Following Specific Themes

Grouping items according to specific themes can help you locate your items easily. They will become easily accessible, and if everything has its place, your laundry room is less likely to become a mess.

Your organizational theme doesn’t necessarily have to be by product. You could also order the items based on when you need them in the process of doing the laundry. Which items are needed first? Which items are needed near the washer or dryer vs near a folding table? Get as creative as you want!

Good placement of your laundry materials can even lessen the amount of time the entire chore takes. Less trouble, less time, and less stress - what’s not to love?

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #4: DIY or Buy Commercial Laundry Organizers

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Necessity is the mother of all invention, and you can count on the laundry room as one of the sources of solutions for its numerous needs in organizing.

Commercial laundry organizer options seem unlimited. In any laundry aisle, you can find drip hangers or a rod, towel and hamper organizers, slim rolling carts, clothing racks, a soap station, handled tool holders, portable ironing boards, folding tools, and open and mounted shelves. All are products intended to make your space tidy and your life easier.

While these items are easily bought and installed, you may wish to cut some costs by creating your own DIY organizers. Feel free to use the commercial products for some inspiration before getting crafty. To be even further cost effective, check whether you have any items around your home that can be repurposed for use in the laundry room.

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #5: Install a Drying Bar

Some clothes need to be taken out of the dryer while still damp to avoid shrinking. Consequently, these clothes need to be air-dried. What better place for that than a drying bar?

If you don’t have room for a drying bar, another option is to install a bath towel holder under a higher shelf. You can then hang the clothes on hangers in a row without using up too much space.

These towel holders converted into drying bars can also help during ironing. When you are done with one, you can easily access the bar and hang the clothes you finished while ironing the others.

Organize Your Laundry Room Tip #6: Keep the Dryer Vents Clean

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The dryer vents should be cleaned properly to avoid lint build-up. Excess lint in the dryer vent can clog the vent. It’s certainly not a very fun problem when you are in the middle of doing your laundry. Regular cleanings will help you avoid a disruption to your laundry day.

On top of inconvenience, dryer vent buildup is also a fire hazard. It’s surely not necessary to explain why you want to avoid house fires.

To help keep your dryer vents clean, be sure to empty your dryer’s lint trap before every load. If the trap is filled with residue, be sure to take the time to property wash and rinse it. Drying is much more efficient when your dryer duct is lint-free.

We’ll Help You Keep Your Laundry Room Safe

Cleaning and organizing your laundry room not only saves you time and stress, but ensures safety and efficiency. Regular dryer vent cleanings are a significant part of keeping your laundry room safe.

The experts at Southern California Dryer Vent cleaning are ready to help. Don’t let your dryer vent become a fire safety hazard.

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Tags: organize your laundry room, clean up laundry room, laundry room organization tips

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