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Southern California Dryer Vent Cleaning offers the best Banning dryer vent cleaning. The City of Banning, incorporated in 1913, has a rich and colorful history. Banning got its start serving as a stagecoach and railroad stop between the Arizona territories and Los Angeles.

Banning is a friendly and wholesome place to work in and raise a family. The city features clean air, ample water supplies and the memorable and inspiring scenic vistas of Mt. San Gregorio and Mt. San Jacinto.

The City was named in honor of General Phineas T. Banning who freighted over the Mormon trail from Salt Lake to San Bernardino and Los Angeles. General Banning also figures prominently in the history of the town of Wilmington, California. He developed a shipping company there between San Pedro and Los Angeles, as well as operating the stage line from Wilmington to Yuma, Arizona through the Banning Pass.

We look forward to offering fast, efficient and expert dryer vent cleaning to the friendly people in Banning. And because our expertise is just dryer vent cleaning, there no add-ons, no upselling to buy additional services.

Banning Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked. Some people think that just because they are vigilant in cleaning the lint trap after each use then it will prevent clogged dryer vents. However, often that is not enough. Lint builds up over time and gets into the nooks and crannies of the lint trap and all along the dryer vent. Eventually, airflow becomes restricted and your dryer becomes less energy efficient. The result? Higher electricity bills.


Many homeowners do not see the need to have their dryer vents cleaned. Many think that just because they are vigilant in cleaning the vent after every use then that would be enough. Sadly, this is not the case. Over time, lint accumulates in the nooks and crannies of the lint trap and along the dryer vent. A lint obstructed dryer vent places enormous stress on your dryer. This leads to frequent breakdowns and shortened life for your appliance.  

A dirty dryer vent will also cause your unit to be less energy efficient. As lint accumulates, the dryer’s ability to exhaust heat and moisture is minimized and you will notice that it takes longer to dry a load of clothes than the usual 35-40 minutes. Proper airflow is critical to the efficient operation of your appliance.

Lint located within just two inches of your dryer’s heater intake can ignite placing you and your family in danger. As a retired firefighter with over 30 years of fire service experience and a current member of the National Fire Protection Association, I am passionate about fire safety in the home. I spent over 15 years working as a Fire/Arson Investigator and have seen too many of these tragedies that could have been prevented. Keeping your clothes dryer venting system clean is a key component to improving fire safety for you and your family.

A clogged dryer vent also affects the air quality of your home. A dirty vent can and will cause an enormous amount of dust and particles to escape and get into your home and living space. This can cause a variety of respiratory problems and allergies.

Here’s a more alarming fact - each year 15,000 structure fires are caused by lint clogged dryer vents. Lint is highly combustible and pose a serious fire threat to your home, putting you and your family in danger. In our many years in the business, we have seen enough of these tragedies. A lot could have been averted if only preventive maintenance has been done. NFSA recommends that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

If it has been a year since you have had an expert clean your dryer vents and if you have been noticing that your appliance is taking longer than usual to dry a load of clothes, call us now to schedule an appointment for a Banning dryer vent cleaning.

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